Students at their first performance!

Our Dance Classes

Bareketh Bellydance offers beginner and intermediate classes in basic Middle Eastern Dance technique, as well as advanced workshops in styles such as Cabaret, Tribal Fusion, Props and more. Advanced students may also be invited to audition for Troupe Abira and will learn choreography in various bellydance styles...with a chance to perform at events throughout the year.


Belly 101 and 102 class sessions are $60 per session and last for six weeks.  Belly 103 class sessions are $40 for four weeks. 


Length and cost of other classes will vary.  Costs will be listed on the calendar for each class.  Cost for these classes may include a fee for a prop required for the class.


Browse the following page to learn more about the classes we offer, or view our weekly schedule on the Teamup Calendar here. You can also call (330) 321-1339 or contact us for more information or to sign up.

Belly 101 (Basic Beginners)

Join Bareketh for beginning bellydance classes. This class teaches basic bellydance technique, such as posture, basic dance movements and strengthening techniques.

Belly 102 (Advanced Beginners)

This class teaches more advanced techniques such as traveling, layering and performance techniques. Belly 102 students must have completed Belly 101 with Bareketh or have similar bellydance experience, by instructor approval.

Belly 103 (Intermediate)

These classes are designed for students who have completed Belly 101 and 102 and wish to continue studying, particularly those who are not currently members of Troupe Abira.  Belly 103 will cover different topics throughout the year, such as layering, free-styling and props.  Topics will be noted on the class schedule.  Veil classes require a 3-yard rectangular veil or 3 yards of chiffon or similar fabric.  Session lengths will vary throughout the year.  Classes are $10 each and students are welcome to drop in on a weekly basis when space is available. 

Belly 111 - Raqs Zahara

Class for students interested in performing.  Bareketh will assess interested students for readiness.  Class will teach props, free-styling and basic choreography.  Open to all dancers who have completed Belly 101 and 102 or comparable instruction.  Students showing appropriate ability may be invited to audition for Troupe Abira.

Belly 201 - Troupe Abira

Class for dancers who are members of Troupe Abira.  Interested dancers should contact Bareketh to audition.

Belly 104 (Special Topics)

​Class content to be determined by instructor and student interest.


Liability Waiver
Download a waiver and bring it to class signed. Waivers for students under 18 must be signed by a parent or legal guardian.
Liability Waiver.pdf
Adobe Acrobat document [151.0 KB]

Note: You will need Adobe(r) Reader(r) to view PDF files. If you do not have it, you can download it for free.

Clothing:  Please wear comfortable clothing to move in.  Jeans are not recommended.  It is not necessary to bare your belly but if you want good feedback on your movement, fitted clothing is recommended.  Skirts are allowed but not recommended for beginners.  It makes it harder to see your legs and, as you will learn, many of the hip movements are actually driven from the legs.

Footwear:  Street shoes are not allowed on the Jazzercise interlocking-tile aerobics floor.  Bare feet are allowed, but considering how many people walk around on that floor, I highly recommend footwear of some type.  Most students choose to wear socks, however some socks may be slightly slippery on the floor.  I personally prefer ballet slippers.  If you have dance shoes or sandals for dance, feel free to wear them, but please remember if you wear them outdoors, you can't wear them on the dance floor!  If you like the feel of bare feet but would like a little bit of protection, half-sole lyrical sandals are excellent.  I danced in them for many years.  You can get them at almost any dancewear store or online at

Hip scarves:  Hip scarves are available for purchase and are actually very helpful.  By the movement of the coins, I can better see what your hips are doing and where you might need to fix something.  They are also pretty and sparkly and fun!  Coin hip scarves are available for purchase in class.  They are $10 for current students.  They are nice practice scarves and have held up for me quite well.  I have a dozen of these same scarves in many colors and wear them almost every class.

Water:  Water is recommend, especially for the more advanced classes as we will move and sweat a bit more.  Please bring only clear drinks to class...nothing with food dyes or that can make the floor sticky if spilled.

Waivers:  All new students must sign a liability waiver before the first class.  These will be available the first day or can be downloaded from my website in a PDF file and printed.  For those who have danced with me before, I keep your waivers on file for one year.  A new waiver must be signed every year.